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Asset Management and Optimized Returns: Our Promise

Strategic advice and support to optimize your renewable energy plant

To overview

We take care of the commercial management of your investments, from both managerial and technical perspectives. Our commercial management department advise you on strategic decisions to implement solutions which optimize your plant.

With significant experience working alongside public administrations, national bodies and local stakeholders, we offer informed support and rapid reaction times.

Our services include: 

  • Commercial Management
    • Invoicing and income collection
    • Customs agencies
    • ARERA declarations
    • Reporting, accounting and GSE trading
    • Support in selecting energy traders
    • Interface with local bodies
  • Financial Management
    • Accounting and financial reporting
    • Preparation, archiving and tax administration
    • Managing and paying suppliers
    • Dividends and reporting to owners
    • Financial contract management
  • Risk Management
    • Supervision and asset performance reporting
    • Monitoring O&M activities and supervising suppliers
    • Guarantee management
    • Risk assessment and mitigation
  • Other Services
    • Personnel to represent the special purpose vehicle
    • Address for the special purpose vehicle and documentation archiving
    • Insurance management
    • Environmental, social and governance factor management
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