Rooftop Photovoltaic Installations, with or without Investment

We support companies and commercial activities in the production of electricity for self-consumption.

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Produce your own green energy and lower energy costs 

Growing electricity prices and the drop in investment costs for renewable energy make the self-production of renewable energy an interesting alternative.

We build rooftop photovoltaic installations for companies and commercial activities according to the highest quality standards – turnkey installations, optimized for self-consumption. For this purpose, we offer various financing models. 

The Italian government currently provides incentives for photovoltaic plants for self-consumption: after the state incentives from the Conto Energia 2013 project (Italian energy account incentive) expired, electricity produced independently may be used for self-consumption without any costs or expenses, and any production surplus can be fed into the grid:

  • for plants up to 500 kWp, the surplus may be ‘exchanged’ with the grid, i.e. the electricity may be consumed at another time (net metering).
  • for plants greater than 500 kWp, the surplus is redistributed based on market prices.

During the feasibility study, we determine the dimensions of the SPCS (simple production and consumption systems) according to the amount of energy necessary for self-consumption and to optimize economic advantages.

Our free offer for your photovoltaic installation

  • We verify the suitability of your roof for a photovoltaic installation with a minimum size of 2,000 m².
  • Based on a yield calculation, we calculate the electricity production expected from your installation.
  • Based on your load profile, we predict the potential self-consumption rate.
  • We optimize the size of the installation according to the desired level of self-consumption.
  • We offer you full consultation on existing regulations, including an affordability analysis.

Solar energy models for companies: let the sun work for you

More and more companies are using solar energy plants for self-consumption, thereby guaranteeing greater independence from growing electricity prices. BayWa r.e. can support you in this area with three models developed for companies – with or without the need for capital:

Acquiring the plant: save on electricity costs and ensure long-term returns

Are you looking for an opportunity to install a plant that guarantees a return on your investment which, at the same time, consistently reduces electricity costs? Then the right solution is investing in your own photovoltaic plant for self-consumption.

It is possible to obtain the necessary capital at particularly low interest rates. You will have amortized your photovoltaic plant in a few years and at the same time, returns on your investment will increase with the continued increase in electricity prices.

Photovoltaic system for on-site consumption, KW automotive GmbH, Fichtenberg, Germany.
System output580 kWp
CommissioningNovember 2016
Location74427 Fichtenberg, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Annual yield526,000 kWh/ 372 t CO2 saving
FeaturesSystem for on-site consumption with export of surplus energy to the grid

Leasing a photovoltaic plant: profit without investing

Do you want to avoid tying up capital whilst reducing energy costs in the long term? Use our leasing model: we construct the photovoltaic installation on your roof and confer it to you in the form of a lease. This way, you can use solar energy at a reduced cost. 

You eliminate investment costs and, at the same time, benefit from maximum security through the duration of the contract. After 15 years, you have the opportunity to take over the plant under favorable conditions. This means you make immediate savings as lease interest rates are more favorable than the greater cost related to the consumption of energy through the grid. The consumption of clean, renewable energy offers immediate savings as soon as the plant is connected to the grid.

"The ideal solution for us: manageable leasing costs and our own electricity that we use entirely ourselves" – Dirk Wolfsteller, Health & Safety Manager, Environment & Energy, AGCO GmbH.
System output680 kWp
CommissioningJuly 2014
Location87616 Marktoberdorf, Bavaria, Germany
Annual yield789.600 kWh / 473 t CO2 savings
FeaturesSystem leasing model without direct investment by the end customer/system operator; financing and construction of the system by BayWa r.e.; 100 percent direct consumption of the generated solar energy in the Fendt factory.

Simple provision of photovoltaic energy (PPA): long-term contracts with specific conditions for renewable sources

Do you need green energy but don’t want to invest in a photovoltaic plant? You can ensure the reliable provision of electricity at specific prices with our long-term contracts for renewable sources (Power Purchase Agreements, PPAs). The energy comes directly from your roof without you having to invest in the construction and maintenance of the photovoltaic plant. Again, in this scenario, you immediately make savings without investing your own capital.

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