Financing, Investment and the Acquisition of Projects and Plants

Benefit from a range of investment opportunities and excellent financial assistance.

To overview

Project financing

Through a specific design structure geared towards profitability, BayWa r.e. identifies the most suitable type of financing for each specific project. Our first-rate financing network allows us to find the ideal partner for each project and to create a stable financial structure under extremely competitive conditions. Furthermore, the Group’s financial strength grants us a high level of flexibility with regard to self-financing solutions in order to execute efficient and effective projects.


Our wind plants provide interesting investment opportunities characterised by reliable cash flow and significant returns. Our international portfolio covers various countries and offers investments ranging in scope.

Acquisition of projects and plants

Do you want to sell the rights to a project quickly? Alongside the entrepreneurial initiatives we put in place, we assess projects at each stage of development, providing assistance along the way until the plant or farm is connected to the grid, and subsequently provide operational management.

For us, partnership is not just a word; it is a concept we live and breathe. Regardless of the role you want to take on in the energy transition, we are here to support you with our vast expertise at each stage of your project.

Our team of experts has developed models suitable for the specific requirements of our partners. Together, we make decisions about where we will provide support and exactly what support will be necessary for the project to reap greater benefits.

Are you looking for financial support for your project, or is technical support the greater concern? Whatever your demands, get in touch and we will be delighted to discuss them with you.

Sara Tessitore
Finance & Investment
BayWa r.e. Progetti S.r.l.
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