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Maintaining your Photovoltaic Plant

At BayWa r.e., we take care of everything when it comes to maintaining your photovoltaic plant

To overview

Predictive string and booth maintenance

At BayWa r.e., we respect the importance of maintenance, the foundation of plant operations. We carry out cyclical inspections according to standard or agreed maintenance plans. These include visual and structural analysis, operating tests, tightening and cleaning all electromechanical components in booths, or on the strings and modules themselves.

Our maintenance services include:

(*) These activities are trusted to specialist sub-contractors.

  • Photovoltaic Plant
    • Modules, mounting system, inverters
    • Inspections and string tests
    • Tracker maintenance
    • Transformer maintenance
    • MV/HV panel maintenance
    • SCADA and sensor maintenance
    • Response and diagnosis in the event of a disruption
    • Repair or replacement of components
    • Spare parts management
  • Photovoltaic Site
    • Module washing
    • Care of vegetation
    • Water and waste management
    • Snow clearance
  • General Site Management
    • Site security maintenance
    • Connectivity systems maintenance
    • Street, enclosure and buildings maintenance
    • Environmental compliance
  • On-site Security Services
    • Local surveillance (*)
    • Remote monitoring and supervision of the plants by video (*)
  • Guarantees
    • Guaranteed response times
    • Availability guarantees
    • PR guarantee
    • Spare parts

Corrective maintenance 

Extraordinary events require rapid and effective action. This is essential in preserving the productivity, profitability and healthy lifespan of the plants. If there is any fault, we will be alerted by the remote monitoring system, active 365 days a year. It allows us to act quickly in booths, on strings or on modules to remedy any problem quickly by using the best tools at our disposal.

Our fault maintenance services cover:

  • Underground and overhead medium-voltage and low-voltage power lines
  • Inverters
  • Power or automation switchboards and protection
  • Low-voltage electrical and technological plants
  • Communication data transmission networks

On-call activities 

On request, we carry out troubleshooting and optimization measures to improve production performance and on-site safety, extending the plant’s lifespan. From proposals to engineering and implementation, we’ll achieve the best solution on your behalf.

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