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Highly Efficient Operational Management

Our wind farm technical and management team are always by your side

Your investments are in safe hands: with our team of experts, we are always by your side, guaranteeing the highest level of wind plant efficiency and productivity.

Guaranteed availability and efficiency

BayWa r.e. is the right partner to make your investment a success. Thanks to our many years of experience and the multidisciplinary skills of our team, your site retains peak levels of operational performance and profitability.

Control centre

Our control centre performs its activities in line with best market practices, ensuring both rapid reaction times and fault analysis. Implementing monitoring software makes our operational procedures and activities superior in quality and efficiency. This means we can ensure the best technical-economic management and increased income.

Our control centre manages and distributes maintenance tickets to our technicians in the field so we can organise plant maintenance in real time.

Services offered by our control room:

  • 24/7, 365-day monitoring
  • Inspections of systems via drones and infrared photography
  • Management of plant documentation
  • Plant optimisation and technical support
  • Workplace safety documentation
  • Periodic repairs and inspections
  • Collection of plant operating data
  • Management and performance analysis
  • Management of guarantees, insurance and compensation requests
  • Technical and financial reporting
  • Dispatch order processing

At BayWa r.e, we recognise the importance of maintenance and safety. We use the services of Energy System Services, a BayWa r.e. Group company, to execute ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of electrical stations and wind plants.

Medium and high voltage

BayWa r.e uses its own technicians to manage all medium-voltage systems. The monitoring and 24/7 maintenance of high voltage substations are managed by the BayWa r.e. Energy System Services group. 

Partnerships with manufacturers

We work to maintain and consolidate partnerships with the main manufacturers of wind turbines so we can ensure wind farms are always maintained. Easy access to spare parts and global expertise via our established network adds another line of security for your project.

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