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Power Trading for Renewable Energy Plants

Take advantage of our national and international network to directly market your green power

We are your direct marketing partner for green electricity 

Turn to BayWa r.e. for a dependable partner in power trading for renewable energy plants. Our international experience and local presence help us create the smartest concept for trading in electricity drawn from renewable energy sources. We offer tailor-made solutions that significantly increase the profitability of your power plants. 
Achieve environmental certification without investing significant labour in these complicated processes. We support our customers in the best valorisation of Guarantees of Origin. 

Project Development Wind - BayWa r.e.

Energy Off-take – your energy in good hands

Do you operate a renewable energy plant? If so, convert your electricity into money! 

We focus on optimising your power plant revenues by utilising the entire spectrum of the energy industry value chain and its associated markets. We can help you connect with a wide range of viable partners in the energy supply chain, including the electricity wholesale market, power exchanges, balancing energy markets, on-demand power generation and direct power supply to electricity customers. 

Operators of renewable energy plants can expect us to provide comprehensive service and transparent information about the revenues to be generated from green power at a fair price. 
Our services include, among other activities, the management of the ancillary infeed power contract and purchase on behalf of the customer, the physical appointment on the IPEX/PCE/MTE (Italian Power Exchange/OTC Registration Platform/Forward Electricity Market) through the systems set up by GME, the monthly report relating to the economic outcome of operations carried out on the IPEX and/or PCE platforms, as well as the verification of economic debit/credit transactions with commercial counterparties. 

Guarantees of Origin: The sustainable energy value chain  

We support our customers with the best valorisation of Guarantees of Origin. Work with us in order to optimize your business processes and exchange the GO produced by your plant for the fairest price. We operate on a national and international level and can help you achieve environmentally certified trading platforms. Take advantage of our existing network of active counterparties throughout Europe in order to maximize your GO's trade value. 

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