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Operations Management: Your Plant in Good Hands

World-leading service standards to maximise your income from renewable energy projects

To overview

Our operation and maintenance services (O&M) for photovoltaic plants in Italy are based on more than 25 years of experience in the market, here and around the world.

We have built a strong technical presence at local level, meaning we are always available to service your plants. Every portfolio is managed by dedicated senior account managers, creating a unique reference point for our clients and assuming all responsibilities relating to contractual obligations.

By constantly monitoring performance and availability and solving problems every day, we have been able to develop unique problem-solving tools. We have many years of experience with different types of inverters, modules and plants; ground plants, rooftop installations and greenhouse installations, with or without trackers. 

Our technicians’ expertise at your service

We monitor and manage photovoltaic plants of any size. Our on-site technicians, who are highly qualified with a vast amount of experience, carry out controls and tests on plants in order to guarantee the highest quality standards and fulfil contractual obligations.

Our strategy focuses on on-site maintenance carried out directly by our own staff, which is key to our success. To do this, we carefully select the people – with all the necessary certifications – in charge of managing the activities, offering them specific training and refresher courses. Every photovoltaic plant has a dedicated management support team that coordinates every activity.

Our services include:

  • Tailored O&M and asset management services
  • 24/7, 365-day monitoring
  • Rapid reaction times for critical plant actions and problems
  • On-site monitoring, coordination and verification of repair works
  • Strategic warehouses, availability for prompt delivery of parts
  • Performance management driven by plant data analysis

The benefits of working with BayWa r.e.

Reliability and safetyA national company supported by an extremely robust global group.
Knowledge and experienceAn Italian team with a consolidated presence in renewable energy supported by the international network of BayWa r.e.
Quality at the right priceWe can guarantee low costs, efficiency and the use of innovative technologies.
Rapid response timesDrawing on our experience, we are able to support you and solve problems at considerable speed.
Support networkOver time, we have created a network of support partners in order to guarantee all types of activities and cover.
Aligned interestsPropensity to form strategic alliances and start partnerships with our existing and future clients.
Client relationshipsWe assign a senior account manager to each project.
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