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Portfolio Management

Our trading experts always have their finger on the pulse of the markets, in order to provide you access to the best trading channels. Our dealers follow price trends, forecast power generation and demand, identify opportunities and compensate for short-term fluctuations, while also taking into account your individual needs.

Our trading team is here to help you by actively engaging major energy markets on your behalf! As a team, we can refine and optimize your trading relationships. Our dealers implement the strategies that have been put together by our portfolio managers, which include trading our customers’ electricity on the spot markets and flexible trading on the balancing energy market.

REMIT – for transparency and integrity

The EU regulation on energy market integrity and transparency (No 1227/2011), also known as REMIT, helps counteract insider trading and market manipulation. It aims to create transparency for the gas and electricity markets and strengthen trust in order to create and maintain a fair, competitive wholesale energy market. REMIT also obliges market participants to publish insider information.

Many of our customers require assistance abiding by REMIT. We are devoted to transparent and sincere trade interactions and can help you maintain compliant and effective operations. We have significant experience in helping our customers register and maintain their operations according to REMIT guidelines. 

On request, we can assume responsibility for submitting REMIT notifications for all your trading activities, thus enabling you to focus on the day-to-day operation of your enterprise. These services also include assisting customers in reporting transactions to ACER.

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