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Providing Green Energy at Fixed Prices

Turn the increase in energy prices to your advantage with our Power Purchase Agreements.

To overview

Make savings with long-term contracts for renewable sources (PPAs)

There are a multitude of reasons for using green energy: to save money, to reach sustainability objectives and to portray a positive company image. However, not all companies want to invest in their own plant.

With our long-term energy supply contracts, you can achieve these results. Take advantage of all the benefits of green energy but leave it to us to manage the plant. This eliminates both maintenance and investment costs. At the same time, you can benefit from low-cost and predictable tariffs.

Type of energy supply contracts

Our energy supply contracts (Power Purchase Agreements, or PPAs) are available both for rooftop installations and ground plants. There are two types contract: firstly, where the photovoltaic plant is directly connected to the user (Direct-wire PPA), or secondly, where it is located in a remote site and the energy generated from the plant is not directly or physically supplied to the consumer but passes through the electricity distribution grid (Synthetic PPA). Either way, you are invoiced a fixed amount and, as such, the price of electricity can be calculated in advance. You are not required to make any investment in either of these cases.

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