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Leasing your Land: Beneficial for You and the Environment

Additional income without additional expenses

To overview

Leasing land, decommissioned quarries and artificial reservoirs

Do you own uncultivated or agricultural land? Do you own land previously used for industry or mining? Did you know that you can use it to construct photovoltaic (PV) plants? Even unused bodies of water can be leased to BayWa r.e. to build a Floating-PV plant. This will optimize land use and help drive the energy transition.

And that’s not all. By drawing up a regular lease for your land with a minimum duration of 30 years, you will benefit from secure and additional income with no investment needed from you.

We will manage all activities after the lease is signed: from development and construction to commissioning and maintaining the plant. This means we will also assume any risks associated with the project.

We are interested in:

  • Agricultural land with a minimum area of 20 hectares
  • Industrial land with a minimum area of 10 hectares
  • Artificial, unused reservoirs (e.g. decommissioned sand quarries, artificial reservoirs) with a minimum area of 10 hectares
  • Land intended for the cultivation of special crops (e.g. fruit, berries and wine) with a minimum area of 10 hectares or cereal and maize crops with a minimum area of 40 hectares

Benefits of leasing land:

  • Fixed income for 30 years
  • Additional income coming from potential extra services provided
  • Ensuring your land is properly managed
  • Synergy between solar power generation and agriculture
  • Everything covered by us, from planning to operations

From north to south, proximity is our strength

We primarily develop photovoltaic projects from our headquarters in Milan but also have offices in Rome. This means we can ensure you will be constantly supported by a local expect who can advise you on how to achieve the best return from your land.

Talk to BayWa r.e. about how you can make the best possible use of your land.

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