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Repowering and Revamping Solar Plants

Give your photovoltaic plant a new lease of life

To overview

We renovate plants today for use tomorrow 

Photovoltaic plants have an estimated lifespan of 30 years, but can start to become obsolete in as little as 10. Regardless of periodic measures to replace damaged or poorly performing parts, maintenance cannot prevent the plant from decreasing in performance with the resulting reduction in production.

Our many years of experience in maintenance led us to believe that revamping is the most effective method of giving your plant a new lease of life. Plants will regain their original power and increase performance, thereby allowing you to recoup the cost of renovation in a very short space of time.

Revamping is synonymous with repowering: your project benefits from the higher unit powers of photovoltaic modules on the market, restoring or even exceeding original power levels without having to expand the available space.

Our team of experts will assess the features of your plant and the context in which it operates in order to suggest the best solutions available.

Creating a bright future for your renewable energy project

We will support you at every stage of giving your plant a new lease of life: from analysing performance, identifying faults and planning to providing materials and components and putting your plant into operation. We have a department dedicated to solving technical and engineering problems whose main focus is repowering and revamping projects. We also offer turnkey solutions.

Our performance managers will help you find the best solution to optimise plant performance: from increasing productive capacity of the photovoltaic asset to communication and surveillance systems. We undertake all the necessary paperwork, including arrangements with energy suppliers and customs.

Revamping and digitalisation: The combination of the future

At BayWa r.e., revamping and digitalisation go hand in hand. Digitalisation is in fact essential for developing photovoltaic plants. Investments in digital monitoring and data management solutions guarantee various economic benefits as they allow you to save on maintenance costs.

In addition to proposals for renovations, we provide you with our expertise to revaluate plant monitoring and surveillance systems. We offer detailed ways to increase the productivity of your photovoltaic farm.

The benefits are:

  • Increase in plant productivity and performance
  • Extension of the plant’s useful life
  • Reduction or zeroing of extraordinary maintenance costs
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