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Turnkey Solutions for the Construction of Wind Farms

BayWa r.e. accompanies each stage of the project, from order to delivery, with the highest degree of professionalism

To overview

We are experts in turnkey construction for wind plants

Our many years of experience in the sector means we are able to construct “turnkey” wind farm solutions. Our project managers follow the entire authorisation process from the development stage to project completion and then throughout the farm’s entire lifetime. This means we can guarantee seamless management from the point at which a plant is ordered until it is delivered within the agreed time frame.

The feasibility study included in the preliminary plan, turnkey solutions, planning, project financing and operational management enable complete adaptability both to local conditions and requirements, whether technical or economic, of any site. We procure, provide, build and install every component needed to construct wind farms, including foundations, access roads, cables, wind turbines and electric stations.

Process integration

All elements are integrated into an optimised and coordinated managerial and operational process. We take care of every detail of planning and cost management alongside all technical documentation in order to have the right tools to support review measures over the long-term.

Balance of plant

We construct electromechanical works (including high voltage electrical substations) and civil works through BayWa r.e. Energy System Services S.r.l.

Wind farm construction

The first step you need to take to construct a wind farm is starting a project. Our many years of experience ensure that we are able to work with both projects we develop as a company and those provided by clients.

Our team of technicians is with you every step of the way: from planning to the supply and construction of the wind farm’s electrical substations, sorting booths, foundation plinths, roadways and platforms.

A state-of-the-art communication infrastructure

Our communication infrastructures work with fibre-optic cables and wireless networks. These technologies are essential for monitoring and conducting accurate analyses of the plant’s operational data. Operating in accordance with applicable legislation is our priority. This is the basis on which our engineers build our efficient communication networks.

Project management and cost control

Your project is in good hands. The electrical and civil engineers that make up our technical team work with our project managers – who use their management skills to keep a constant eye on order costs – to ensure the accuracy of work at every stage. In addition, you will always have maximum visibility thanks to our reporting system.

Our services include:

  • Constructing and installing electrical substations
  • Installing electromechanical, monitoring and data communication devices
  • Installing sorting booths
  • Laying cable ducts
  • Building foundation plinths, assembly platforms and road systems
  • Carrying out testing on the electrical and civil works
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