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Transforming Unused Bodies of Water into Clean Energy Generators

An incredibly efficient solution that respects the surrounding environment

To overview

Floating-PV: A confident step for the energy transition

Floating photovoltaic plants (Floating-PV) give bodies of water a new lease of life. The technology used to build them allows us to generate electricity over a long period of time in a reliable and sustainable way without interfering with aquatic life forms.

The experience we gained from building large Floating-PV projects in the Netherlands gave us the opportunity to expand our expertise in the entire production process. BayWa r.e. follows the entire life cycle of every project: development, construction, commissioning and operation.

The benefits of Floating-PV:

  • Optimized soil yield
  • Reduced water evaporation
  • Fast construction
  • Efficient maintenance
  • PV module performance boosted by water cooling
  • Safeguards on-site biodiversity

Our certified solution for Floating-PV

Supported by experts from the Zimmermann PV-Stahlbau GmbH technological division, we developed a substructure that integrates our certified electrical and mechanical system design.

This union led to the creation of a particularly robust and stable floating substructure which allowed us to carry out large-scale installations: ZimFloat. The electric concept of the ZimFloat integrated system design is fully certified; it contains floating platforms for inverters, walkways for maintenance, cable ducts, breakwaters and a patented floating transformer station.

You are looking for a professional EPC provider for your own floating solar project? We can also help you here:

Günther Obermaier
Head of Sales (3rd Party) EPC EMEA
BayWa r.e. Solar Projects GmbH
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