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Tailor-made Energy Solutions for your Company

Self-generation of Electricity

To overview

BayWa r.e. is the leader in the sector of turnkey energy solutions for companies. We offer you various options, whether based on photovoltaics, eMobility or integrated energy management systems. We are by your side for everything concerning the sustainable supply of energy for your company. We can help you take the first step towards energy self-sufficiency.

Reducing energy costs – sustainable economy

Trust the experience of BayWa r.e. and take advantage of the following rewards:

  • Independence: our photovoltaic plants help you to independently generate the green electricity you need, becoming independent from the energy market.
  • Profitability: our intelligent energy solutions help you to reduce your electricity bills and save money.
  • Future-orientation: our eMobility solutions will help you take the first step towards the future.
  • Sustainability: our solutions can help your company to reduce its carbon footprint and reach your sustainability goals.
  • Personalisation: with solutions tailor-made to your needs or turnkey energy solutions, together we can bring your company into the future.

Achieving energy independence through photovoltaic plants for companies

Do you want to independently generate green energy for your company and no longer be tied to the electricity market’s fluctuations? Then a photovoltaic plant for companies is the right solution for you.

  • You will be able to generate your own green energy which your company can use directly.
  • When solar batteries are fully charged, the excess electricity can be transferred to the public grid. In return, you will receive reimbursements for the energy transferred to the grid based on pre-determined rates according to incentivisation mechanisms regulated and managed by the Italian State Energy Regulator, GSE (local exchange, dedicated collection, etc.). 
  • If you generate more than you consume, you will be able to store it using our storage solutions. If a PV plant generates less energy than you need, you will be able to call on your storage reserves.

With BayWa r.e., you will not only be able to achieve energy self-sufficiency for your company and save on your energy bills, but also earn money thanks to the reimbursements paid by GSE for transferring energy to the grid. 

The benefits of photovoltaic energy for your company

At BayWa r.e., we are experts in energy solutions for your company. Every photovoltaic plant is adapted based on the needs of the individual client. Our experience mostly lies in energy solutions for medium-to-large commercial and industrial clients and energy-intensive multinationals with various branches which want to take advantage of a cost-efficient supply of energy. We provide the following options:

  • PV Roof-top Installations

    Whether a new construction or an installation on an existing building, we think of everything. We can easily install a solar plant on the roof of your building. 

  • Solar Carports

    Photovoltaic modules to be installed on the roof of your carport: a highly beneficial solution if coupled with recharging stations for electric vehicles.

  • Ground-mounted PV

    The PV plant is installed not on a building, but on clear land.

  • Floating-PV

    A floating-PV plant installed on unused bodies of water, allowing you to generate green energy for your company. 

Our tailor-made energy solutions can help any company to achieve their sustainability goals and reduce energy costs. We pride ourselves on offering our clients comprehensive support, from consulting and planning the energy solution to its implementation, installation and maintenance, all according to your individual needs. 

We also offer various financing and PV investment solutions such as photovoltaic leasing or Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). Solutions which we can adapt, on a tailor-made basis, to the specific needs of your company.

If you would like to install a PV plant in your company, we offer various financing options. Choose the option that best matches your needs:

  • Investment: invest in your turnkey PV plant. We take care of installation and implementation; you are the owners and investors of the project.
  • Leasing/financing: this option guarantees greater financial flexibility as it does not require an upfront investment and does not increase your credit line as a resullt. Lease the PV plant from BayWa r.e. and use it to independently generate green energy, paying a monthly lease fee. After the lease expires, you can choose to renew the lease or purchase the plant.
  • PPA: this option allows you to benefit from the advantages of green energy without having to worry about the plant or how to finance it. If you enter into a PPA for a defined period of time, we will provide you with green energy at a fixed price.

Transition to eMobility with BayWa r.e.

Have you been thinking of converting your fleet of cars to eMobility for some time? We are also a trusted partner in this area. Our eMobility solutions allow you to create the ideal infrastructure for your electric company fleet. We provide the following solutions:

  • Individual recharging stations for electric cars
  • Company recharging points
  • Comprehensive recharging solutions for your company in line with sustainable energy concepts

We help you to choose the most appropriate charging station and correctly manage its reporting; we help you to create a complete infrastructure for recharging the electric vehicles of your employees and clients, ensuring you receive comprehensive support.

Are you intrigued? For more information about our eMobility solutions, get in touch and we will be delighted to answer your questions.

A sustainable company

Companies are now being asked to play their part in the “energy reform”. BayWa r.e. can be the right partner for you. Our energy solutions help you to manage your company sustainably and reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Set and achieve corporate sustainability goals with our help. Transitioning to green energy allows you to enjoy numerous advantages:

  • You will have a sustainable company
  • Your sustainable corporate policy will have a positive effect on your image
  • By independently producing clean power for your energy needs, you will also be contributing to your company’s energy independence

FAQs about our Energy Solutions

  • How can energy generated from renewable sources be stored?

    It used to be impossible or incredibly difficult to store solar energy. This was one of the main disadvantages of photovoltaics. Now however, you can securely store self-generated energy thanks to our photovoltaic storage solutions, thereby increasing your company’s self-sufficiency in addition to the efficiency of your PV plant.

  • How long does it take to amortise a photovoltaic plant?

    Photovoltaic plants allow you to save money compared with purchasing electricity from the grid. This saving is boosted by the savings obtained from the optimisation of energy self-consumption, meaning that amortisation times for companies may be shorter than you might expect.

  • What is a Power Purchase Agreement?

    A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is an agreement entered into between an energy producer and a client which allows energy prices to be controlled without depending on increases in the market and stipulates the direct purchase of energy from renewable sources at competitive prices.


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