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Agri-PV: Generating Solar Power on Active Farmland

Producing renewable energy and agri-food products on a single piece of land.

To overview

Agri-photovoltaics (Agri-PV) combines croplands with the generation of energy produced by a photovoltaic plant. This hybrid technique helps to decarbonize the planet in addition to increasing the degree of sustainability and profitability of companies operating in the agricultural sector.

Italy’s geographical conditions are especially suitable for Agri-PV. Indeed, our country has large areas of farmland with a high percentage of sunny days: the perfect combination.

By using this technology, BayWa r.e. encourages the transition towards renewable energies by promoting their general acceptance and an increase in their use. By embracing this innovative approach, you will benefit from two types of production from your land at the same time: agriculture and energy production.

The definitive solution for cultivating food while producing energy

We install transparent, frameless modules which are mounted above row of crops. Although these special panels have a lower energy yield than standard panels, they provide crops with the right amount of shade and a high level of protection. 

Moreover, the cooling effect due to the plants’ growth compensates for the yield limit. In fact, solar panels guarantee maximum yield when incident solar radiation is at its highest and temperature at its lowest.

The benefits of Agri-PV:

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