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BayWa r.e.: Years of Experience in Developing Wind Farms

When it comes to wind farms, BayWa r.e. is involved every step of the way, from project development to delivery.

To overview

Wind is our strength

Thanks to the experience gained over 30 years of working in this sector, BayWa r.e. has developed the skills required to construct wind farms from start to finish.

We can carry out all the work needed to develop a wind farm: from finding suitable sites to carrying out feasibility studies, from the authorisation process to relationships with local stakeholders and from technical optimisation to completion, including procurement and financing.

Trust and reliability

BayWa r.e. is a reliable partner for your sustainable wind energy project. Our team of highly-qualified engineers offers the perfect combination of dynamism and flexibility from the moment we start to develop an idea until each stage of its completion. With the financial stability of our parent company BayWa AG, success is guaranteed.

Our broad portfolio of projects illustrates our position as a leader in the wind energy sector, a sector in which we have been active for over 30 years.  

We offer our support at every stage of the project

Our expertise includes evaluating and preparing a project, obtaining authorisations and licences, ground management, the acquisition, financing and completion of civil and electromechanic work (including under high voltage) and management and maintenance activities for wind energy plants. 

Moreover, our in-house team do their utmost to find funding earmarked by local and international banking partners needed to complete projects.

    Alessandra Toschi
    Project Development
    BayWa r.e. Progetti S.r.l.
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