Frequently asked questions about our energy solutions

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How can energy generated from renewable sources be stored?It used to be impossible or incredibly difficult to store solar energy. This was one of the main disadvantages of photovoltaics. Now however, you can securely store self-generated energy thanks to our photovoltaic storage solutions, thereby increasing your company’s self-sufficiency in addition to the efficiency of your PV plant.
How long does it take to amortise a photovoltaic plant?Photovoltaic plants allow you to save money compared with purchasing electricity from the grid. This saving is boosted by the savings obtained from the optimisation of energy self-consumption, meaning that amortisation times for companies may be shorter than you might expect.
What is a Power Purchase Agreement?A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is an agreement entered into between an energy producer and a client which allows energy prices to be controlled without depending on increases in the market and stipulates the direct purchase of energy from renewable sources at competitive prices.
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