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First team building for the middle management of BayWa r.e.

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The Team Building for the middle management had the purpose, in addition to teamwork, to find new innovative business ideas for the Service sector.

Thanks to the commitment of the participants, the support of the supervisors and of an external coach, the «Concepts» developed on the first day (held in Ostia on November 2018) proved to be innovative and interesting enough to generate value for the "Service".

It was therefore decided to develop and present them, as a Business Plan, to the top management of BayWa r.e. Italia and a winner was declared after a rigorous voting procedure.

The winning idea of the challenge was "100% Green - 1000% Green", developed around the digitalization and installation of a digital device integrated with the systems and implemented in the group which will allow the customer to be "Green ". The project aims to allow our customers to maximize the benefits of the green economy and their sustainability.

BayWa r.e. Italia will support these team building initiatives with the aim of bringing out creativity and sharing innovative ideas in the work teams.

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