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Sale of Arlena-Tessennano wind farms to NTR

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The wind farms are located ca. 100km northwest of Rome, in the Province of Viterbo (Lazio Region) and consist of 9 V110 Vestas turbines with a hub height of 95m. The projects, developed by BayWa r.e., are contributing towards Italy’s renewable energy needs, generating 40 GWh annual production, or enough clean energy to power circa 14,500 homes.

"At BayWa r.e. we take care of the projects in every detail and the appreciation we get from the investors makes us proud. Our expert team is personally involved from the beginning and in all phases of development, construction and management of a wind farm, ensuring a constant presence and an enduring dialogue with local communities. We are pleased to sell the Arlena and Tessennano wind parks to a Company that, like us, strongly believes in the decarbonization process and in the connection between business and community", said Alessandra Toschi, Managing Director of BayWa r.e. Italy.

Lorenzo Palombi, Global Director of Wind Projects at BayWa r.e., said: "Wind energy is a proven technology, with electricity production costs that are now very competitive and which can play an important role in reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. In Europe wind is a key element for the success of the energy transition. Now we must accelerate the implementation of wind farms, both on-shore and off-shore, if we want to achieve the climate objectives set by the European Green Deal."

Anthony Doherty, CIO of NTR said; “We are delighted to enter the Italian market with these two high quality projects that avail of attractive long-term contracted revenues through the Italian 20-year contract-for-difference support system. Italy has injected new impetus into the decarbonization of its energy base, with targets to double its clean energy capacity and we believe this is an optimal time to be part of that acceleration in growth of wind, solar and energy storage in the Italian market."

This acquisition, that marks the enter in the Italian market by NTR, is the second project after the French wind farm Saint-Pierre-de-Juillers sold to the Irish renewable energy investor by BayWa r.e., a result that attests one more time the BayWa r.e. project’s profitability and reliability.

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Daniela Basso
Marketing Coordinator
BayWa r.e. Progetti S.r.l.
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