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Three Italian companies have received ISO 27001 certification

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The initiative was launched as a pilot project according to the indications received by the central management of Munich and will be then gradually extended to the other Entities of the Group.

ISO 27001 is the international standard that describes the best practices for an ISMS (Information Security Management System): obtaining this certification demonstrates our group's commitment to the complex system of data flow management, which the spread of digital systems has brought to our business.

During the audit, carried out by Dasa Rägister S.p.A. and lasted 5 days, the internal procedure of some department of the companies, in particular the Control Rooms and IT systems, were thoroughly checked and analyzed.

The auditing body conducted interviews with employees involved in the processes, reviewed technical and organizational aspects of data protection and analyzed existing procedures. They have also analyzed how the IT department maintains the company's network and the companies conduct in terms of cybersecurity.

At the end, the auditing body issued the certificates confirming that our security management system complies with the ISO 27001 international standarddemonstrating the great commitment of all the teams in their daily work.  

Paolo V. Chiantore, Managing Director of BayWa r.e. Operation Services said “This is a great achievement, not only for us internally, but also for our customers because we can demonstrate to them a strong commitment to ensuring the security of the information we manage on their behalf, particularly in plant monitoring activities.”

"This is another step forward to provide our Clients with a safe and reliable partnership service and demonstration of our commitment to be a reliable suppliers and demonstrates how committed we are to complying with applicable laws and regulations in this sector" said Francesco P. Liuzzi, Managing Director of Energy System Services.

With periodic recurrence, and in this case 12 months, the auditing body will carry out a planned audit to monitor the maintenance of the management system, its continuous improvement and confirm the subsistence of the requirements.

“The digitalization brings with it a large amount of data and therefore information security is more important than ever. Security means safeguarding the privacy, integrity and availability of information. We are very proud of this achievement because it is the proof that we are managing things in the best way possible” said Alessandra Toschi, MD of BayWa r.e. Progetti.

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Francesco Perniciaro
HSQE Manager
BayWa r.e. Progetti S.r.l.
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