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Data Protection Information of BayWa r.e. Operation Services S.r.l.

As of: August 2023

  1.   Who is the controller for data processing and whom can you contact?    
  2.   Which data is processed and from which sources does it come from?    
  3.   For what purposes and on what legal basis will the data be processed?    
  4.   Processing of personal data for advertising purposes    
  5.   Who receives my data?   
  6.   How long is my data stored?       
  7.   Processing of applicant data    
  8.   Communication by email    
  9.   What information is collected when you visit this website?  
10.   Diagnosis, correction and optimisation with Sentry
11.   Is any personal data transferred to other countries?    
12.   What data protection rights do I have?    
13.   Am I obliged to provide data?

Protecting your personal data is a top priority for us. Accordingly, we at BayWa r.e. Italia s.r.l. and its subsidiaries (hereinafter jointly referred to as "BayWa r.e.") solely process your personal data (hereinafter referred to as "data") on the basis of statutory provisions. In this data protection declaration, we aim to give you full details of how your data is processed in our company and the data protection claims and rights to which you are entitled in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) and Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 (Privacy Code). 

1.  Who is responsible for data processing and whom can you contact?

The controller party is BayWa r.e. Italia s.r.l., Largo Augusto 3, 20122 Milan (Italy), email: info(at), tel.: +39  02 3211 191.
The data protection officer at BayWa r.e. Italia s.r.l. is contactable at the specified address or via email dpobaywaitalia(at)

2.  Which data is processed and from which sources does it come from?

We process the data that we receive from you when commencing and maintaining business relations. We also process data that we have received legitimately from credit agencies, creditor protection associations, publicly accessible sources (e.g. business registers, registers of associations, land registers, media) and other companies with which we have long-term business relationships.

The scope of such personal data includes:

Your master/contact data such as:

  • For private customers: First and last names, address, contact data (e.g. email address, telephone number, fax), date of birth, data from identity material submitted (copy of ID card), bank details
  • As a corporate customer or supplier: Name of your legal representative, company, commercial register number, VAT ID number, company number, address, contact person contact data (email address, telephone number, fax), bank details

In addition, we also process the following additional personal data:

  • Information concerning the type and content of our business relationship such as contract data, order data, sales and receipt data, customer and supplier history, consulting documents, vehicle data,
  • Information about your financial status (for example, creditworthiness data),
  • Advertising and sales data,
  • Documentation data (e.g. consulting protocols), image data,
  • Information from your electronic transactions with BayWa r.e. (e.g. IP address, login data), 
  • Other data that we have received from you in the course of our business relationship (e.g. in customer meetings),
  • Data that we generate ourselves from master/contact data and other data, e.g. through analyses of customer requirements and customer potential.
  • Photos taken at public events
  • Data concerning criminal sanctions and/or connected to health conditions of employees or subcontractors’ employees

3.  For what purposes and on what legal basis will the data be processed?

We process your data in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Legislative Decree No. 196/2033 (Privacy Code):  

to comply with (pre-)contractual obligations (Art 6 para. 1 letter b GDPR):
Your data is processed for the sale and distribution of our goods and services and procurement and logistics purposes as well as for supplier and customer management and analysis. In particular, data is processed when commencing and maintaining business relations with you and executing contracts with you, for example in the following cases:

  • Creating and managing a customer account or a supplier account
  • Delivering orders
  • Managing customer cards
  • Participation in sweepstakes 
  • Sending information, e.g. requesting a catalogue

to meet legal obligations (Art 6 Para. 1 letter c GDPR):
Your data has to be processed for the purpose of meeting various legal obligations, e.g. as imposed by the German Commercial Code or the Tax Code, money laundering regulations and product-specific regulations such as the Hazardous Substances Ordinance.

to protect legitimate interests (Art 6 Para. 1 letter f GDPR):
With the aim of balancing interests in mind, data may be processed beyond the actual scope required to execute the contract in order to protect either our own legitimate interests or those of third parties. Data processing to protect legitimate interests may include the following cases, for example:

  • Consultation of and data exchange with credit agencies and creditor protection associations to determine creditworthiness data and to maintain a group-wide creditworthiness database to identify financial default risks for joint customers; 
  • Advertising or marketing 
  • Measures for business management and the further development of services and products;
  • Maintaining a group-wide customer database to improve customer service
  • Measures to protect BayWa r.e. sites from contractually non-compliant or illegal conduct, e.g. access controls, video surveillance; 
  • In the context of legal proceedings.

With your consent (Art 6 Para 1 letter a GDPR):
If you have given us consent to process your data, it will be processed in accordance with the purposes and to the extent agreed in the declaration of consent, in order to fulfill all the obligation and exercise any rights pursuant to Art 9, par 2, letter b) of the GDPR.   

4.  Processing of personal data for advertising purposes

We also use your data to communicate with you about your orders, certain products or marketing campaigns and to recommend products or services that might be of interest to you. 
You can object to such use of your personal data for advertising purposes at any time, either collectively or for specific measures. BayWa r.e. does not levy any charge for indicating such objection. If you wish to do so, please contact the party named under no. 1.

Product recommendations by email
Pursuant to the applicable legal requirements, BayWa r.e. is entitled to use the email address you provided to us when ordering a product or service for the purpose of directly advertising its own similar goods or services. You will receive these product recommendations from us, regardless of whether or not you have subscribed to a newsletter.

If you no longer wish to receive product recommendations from us by e-mail, you can object to the use of your address for this purpose at any time without incurring any costs, other than the data transmission costs at your standard rate. If you wish to do so, please contact the party named under no. 1.  Of course, every email always includes an unsubscribe link.

5.  Who receives my data?

If we use a service provider in the context of order processing, we will appoint the service provider as the responsible and we remain the controller party for protecting your data. All contractors are contractually obliged to handle your data confidentially and process it only within the scope required for the provision of services. The contractors we commission will receive your data if required to perform their respective services. These include, for example, IT service providers that we need to operate and safeguard our IT system as well as advertising and address publishers for our own advertising campaigns.

Your data will be processed in customer databases of BayWa AG and its subsidiaries, including BayWa r.e. These customer databases support efforts to improve the level of existing customer data (duplicate cleanup, moved/dead indicators, address correction), and enable enrichment with data from public sources. This data is made available to the BayWa Group companies participating in the BayWa customer database (participating companies) and can be used for personalised direct marketing campaigns (e.g. newsletters), targeted online marketing and personalised online shop design.

Through the customer database, participating companies that serve the same customers should be able to use information about these customers across organisations. This approach aims to provide customers with the most up-to-date and relevant information at all times. No automated decision-making takes place. Customer data is stored separately for each company, with BayWa AG acting as a service provider for the individual participating companies.

An overview of the BayWa AG Group companies can be found under the following link:

If an offer is made or sold via manufacturer portals, data you have provided will be processed directly in the manufacturer's portal. 

If there is a legal obligation and in the context of legal proceedings, authorities and courts as well as external auditors may also receive your data.

In addition, insurance companies, banks, credit agencies and service providers may also receive your data for the purpose of entering into and fulfilling contracts and in case of the sale of projects also investors.

6.  How long is my data stored?

We process your data until the business relationship ends or the applicable guarantee, warranty, statute of limitations and statutory retention periods expire  or until any legal disputes in which the data is required as evidence have ended. 

7.  Processing of applicant data

When we send your application to the job portal, we store your personal data in a secure operating environment to protect it from loss or misuse. The respective company of BayWa r.e. Group to which you apply within our applicant management system is responsible for the processing of your data.

The contact details of this company result from the job advertisement in BayWa r.e. Job portal.

7.1. Which data is processed and from which sources does this data come from?

As part of the application process, we process the following categories of personal data in particular:

  • Master data (e.g. name, date of birth, nationality, place of residence)
  • Documents (e.g. certificates, certificates, curriculum vitae)
  • Training history (e.g. data on (higher) school education, professional qualifications)
  • accounting data (e.g. bank details for reimbursement of application costs)
  • Communication data (e.g. email, phone)
  • Log data that arise when using IT systems

In individual cases, the processed data can also include special categories of personal data in accordance with Article 9 (1) of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), such as Data on health, religious affiliation or union membership, if you provide it to us in the context of your application.

7.2. For what purposes and on what legal basis is my data processed?

We process your personal data in compliance with the GDPR, national data protection laws and other relevant national laws.

The data processing is used to carry out the application process, to initiate and establish an employment relationship with the company of BayWa r.e. Group you applied to.

The legal basis for the implementation of the application process is Art. 6 Para. 1 Clause 1 b GDPR in connection with the relevant national regulation for the implementation of pre-contractual measures to establish an employment relationship. In Germany, in addition to Art. 6 Para. 1 Clause 1 b GDPR, the legislator has issued the provision of § 26 BDSG - data processing for employment purposes.

Insofar as special categories of personal data are processed, this is done on the basis of Art. 9 Para. 2 b GDPR. If the job to which you have applied requires processing of health data to assess your ability to work, this is done on the basis of Art. 9 Para. 2 h GDPR in conjunction with the relevant national regulations.

7.3. How does the application process work?

You can go straight to one in our BayWa r.e. Apply for a published job advertisement by entering your data in the application form of the advertised position. In addition to manual entry, you also have the option of transferring certain master data from your XING or LinkedIn profile, as well as using "CV Parsing" into the application form.

We will keep you informed of the processing status of your application by email. As part of the application process, we may ask you whether we can send your application documents to other job offers that match your profile - possibly also at other BayWa r.e. companies. Group - forward or may include them in our applicant pool.

If you have shown interest with us on BayWa r.e. Job portal, then we may ask you if we can send your application documents to job vacancies within BayWa r.e. If there is no position corresponding to your qualification or your wishes at the time of application, you may be included in our applicant pool after prior consultation with you.

Applications in paper form or by email are sent to  BayWa r.e. with a reference to the application process are not accepted. The data is not transferred to the applicant management system. Therefore, paper applications are immediately disposed of in accordance with data protection; Applications via email will be deleted immediately. An exception to this is the receipt of an application in paper form or by email due to a special occasion (e.g. getting to know one another at a trade fair). Your data is imported into the applicant management system. The process described above also applies to applications of this type.

7.4. Who receives my data?

Within BayWa r.e. Groups to which the application is made will only have access to your personal data for the above-mentioned persons and the bodies involved in the application process (e.g. supervisors, HR, specialist area, employee representatives). If the persons involved in the application process of another BayWa r.e. belongs to a group, your data can be transmitted to the respective person in individual cases.

We use service providers to fulfill our contractual and legal obligations. We have concluded the contracts required by data protection law with these service providers, provided they process personal data on our behalf. For applicant management, we use a software solution from rexx systems GmbH, Süderstraße 75-79, 20097 Hamburg, which works for us as a processor.

7.5. Are personal data transferred to a third country?

When applying for a BayWa r.e. Groups outside the European Economic Area (EEA) data are transmitted on the basis of Art. 49 Para. 1 b GDPR, unless there are no other appropriate data protection guarantees.

The data center for the rexx systems GmbH applicant platform we use is located in Germany.

7.6. How long will my data be saved?

We have to save your data for a period of 6 months in order to meet the legal requirements for the proper processing of an application and to be able to answer questions in connection with your application and / or its rejection.
6 months after completing the application process, i.e. After you have received an acceptance or rejection from us, your personal data will be deleted. Anonymous application body data is created for statistical purposes.

As soon as you have agreed to be accepted into our applicant pool, your data will be stored and processed there for a period of 12 months. After this period, your personal data will be deleted.

As soon as you receive a job offer from a BayWa r.e. Group has been proposed and you have agreed to be included in the associated application process, your data will be transmitted to the respective company. The initially mentioned retention period of 6 months after the application process has ended applies to your personal data. If there was no recruitment in the application process, or if you have not consented to inclusion in the application process, your data will be transferred back to our applicant pool. In both cases, your personal data will be stored for a period of 12 months starting with the date of the initial pool admission and then deleted.

8.  Communication by email

Please note that transmission of unencrypted emails should be regarded as unsafe, since unauthorised persons may note the content of the email and manipulate it under certain circumstances. Accordingly, we request that you refrain from sending sensitive data by email when communicating with us. As an applicant, please use our applicant portal, since your application documents are transmitted there securely. Should it ever be necessary to send sensitive data by email, please use a content encryption service. 

9. What information is collected when you visit this website?

9.1. General information on the use of cookies
BayWa r.e. uses cookies and pixels on its website (hereinafter named “cookies”). Cookies are small text or image files that your browser stores on your end device (computer, tablet, smartphone or similar) to save certain information if you visit our website with this device. Cookies are accepted by your browser and are used to identify your device.

We use cookies to make our website user-friendly. To do so, the cookie is only recognised on your end device. Personal data is only saved after explicit consent is given or if it is absolutely necessary for the use the services you require. 

Some cookies remain saved on your end device until you delete them. They allow us to recognise your browser again the next time you visit. If this is against your wishes, you can set up your browser so that it informs you when cookies are set and only allows this in individual cases. However, deactivating cookies may limit the functionality of our website.

You can find an explanation of the scope and function of the cookies BayWa r.e. uses on its website below:

a. Functional cookies
Functional cookies save information that has already been entered (e.g. username, your language or location) and users are offered improved, personalised functions. This type of cookie also enables requested functions, such as playing videos. Anonymised data is collected and the other websites you visit are not tracked.

b. Preference cookies 
Preference cookies enable a website to remember information that changes the way the website behaves or looks, like your preferred language or the region that you are in.

c. Analytical cookies
These cookies help us to collect information about how our website is used. They record the number of visitors, for example, and where the traffic comes from. We can assess how our website is performing with this information and initiate improvements. Analytical cookies allow us to find out which content is visited most and least frequently, whether error messages appear and how users navigate our website. The collected data is compiled is consequently anonymous. So any users cannot be identified. At BayWa r.e., we only use these cookies to consistently improve the performance of our website and the associated user experience. If you do not agree to have your user behaviour recorded anonymously, you can prevent this by deactivating cookies in your browser.

d. Marketing cookies
Marketing cookies are used to show users targeted, relevant advertisements tailored to their interests. They are also used to assess the effectiveness of certain campaigns. These types of cookies detect whether a website was visited or not. They can be forwarded to third parties. Cookies that help to improve how target groups and advertising are addressed are often linked with the page functionalities of third parties.

9.2. Specific cookies used
The specific cookies used on each BayWa r.e. website are described on the respective website. A link to the description called "website data tracking and opt-out" can be found in each website’s footer. There, you will also find the links to unsubscribe from the cookies.

10. Diagnosis, correction and optimisation with Sentry

10.1. The scope and purpose of processing

We use the Sentry service (provided by Functional Software, Inc., 1501 Mariposa St #408, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA) to improve the technical performance of our services on our website by monitoring system stability and identifying code errors. User data such as information about the device and error time is collected anonymously and is not linked with other data. The data collected will be deleted once the purpose has been achieved.

10.2. Type of data

In the event that errors are transmitted, the following data can be transmitted and processed:

  • IP address (only for the technical transmission of the error) 
  • Type / version of the browser 
  • Operating system / operating system version 
  • Stack trace of the error (where and how the error occurred) 
  • Potentially text from contact form (if there is an error on the contact form)

The software runs exclusively on self-hosted servers in Germany. The storage of users’ personal data is only carried out there. The data will not be passed on to third parties. BayWa r.e. does not evaluate any data for advertising purposes.

10.3. Legal basis for the processing of personal data

The legal basis for the processing of users’ personal data is Article 6 para. 1 lit. f of the GDPR (legitimate interest of the controller). It is in our legitimate interest to improve the technical performance of our services on our website by monitoring system stability and identifying code errors.

10.4. Length of storage period

The following personal data will be deleted immediately after transmission, as it is used only for transmission between the server and the client:

IP address

The following personal data will be stored for the above-mentioned purpose for 90 days and will then be permanently deleted:

  • Type / version of the browser 
  • Operating system / operating system version 
  • Stack trace of the error 
  • Text from the contact form

10.5. Option of making an objection

As your IP address is not recorded, we are no longer able to assign the stored data to you, and hence we generally store anonymous data. A right of revocation therefore only exists in individual cases where we have stored personal data in relation to the content of an incorrect contact form. To exercise your right to object, please contact: data-protection-officer(at)

11. Is any personal data transferred to other countries?

Transfer of data to external countries takes place in individual cases and only on the basis of an adequacy decision of the European Commission, standard contractual clauses, suitable guarantees or your express consent.

12. What data protection rights do I have?

You have a right to information about or the correction, deletion or restriction of the processing of your stored data, a right to object to the processing as well as transfer the relevant data and to file a complaint in accordance with the requirements of data protection law. 

Right to information
You can request information from us concerning whether and to what extent we process your data.

Right to correction
If we process your data in a way that is incomplete or incorrect, you can request that we correct or complete it at any time.

Right to deletion
You can request that we delete your data if we process it unlawfully or if the processing interferes disproportionately with your legitimate protection interests. Please note that there may be reasons that prevent immediate deletion, e.g. where legally required storage obligations are imposed.
Irrespective of whether or not you exercise your right to deletion, we will delete your data immediately and completely, provided this is unhindered by any legal transaction or legal retention period to the contrary.

Right to limitation of processing
You may request that we restrict the processing of your data if:

  • You dispute the accuracy of the data for a period of time that allows us to verify the accuracy of the data.
  • The processing of the data is unlawful, but you reject the option of deletion and instead request a restriction on its use,
  • We no longer need the data for the intended purpose, but you still need this data to assert or defend legal claims, or
  • You have lodged an objection to the processing of the data.

Right to data portability
You may require that we provide you with the data you have given to us in a structured, current and machine-readable format and to allow you to pass this data to another person in charge without our interference, provided that

  • We process this data on the basis of irrevocable consent granted on your part and or to fulfil a contract between us, and
  • This processing is carried out using automated methods.

If technically feasible, you can ask that we transfer your data directly to another person responsible.

Right to objection
If we process your data for legitimate reasons, you can object to this data processing at any time for reasons arising from your particular situation; this also applies to profiling based on these provisions. We will then refrain from any further processing of your data unless we can prove compelling reasons worth protecting for the processing that outweigh your interests, rights and freedoms or the processing serves to assert, exercise or defend legal claims. You can object to the processing of your data for the purpose of direct advertising at any time without giving reasons.

Right of appeal
If you believe that we are violating Italian or European data protection law when processing your data, please contact us to clarify any questions. Of course, you are also entitled, to contact the supervisory authority responsible for BayWa r.e., the “Garante per la protezione dei dati personali” (

If you wish to assert any of the above rights against us, please contact the contact named under no. 1. In case of any doubt, we may request additional information to confirm your identity.

13. Am I obliged to provide data?

The processing of your data is necessary to conclude or fulfil your contract with us. If you do not provide us with this information, we will usually have to decline the conclusion of the contract or execution of the order or will no longer be able to execute an existing contract, which will then have to be terminated. However, you are not obliged to give your consent to the processing of data that is not relevant or legally required for the fulfilment of the contract.

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