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BayWa r.e. attended first face-to-face TRUST-PV event

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Our colleagues from the Business Entity Services in Italy had the pleasure to organize the first in-person event on March 10th and 11th with relevant members of the European research project TRUST-PV. But first…let’s jump a little back so we can explain to you what the TRUST-PV Project is about!

What is TRUST-PV?

The TRUST-PV is a four-year research project with over 12 million euros in grant value from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme. TRUST-PV started in September 2020, gathers 20 organizations from across the entire solar PV value chain and aims to demonstrate the increase in performance and reliability of photovoltaic plants through the development of O&M friendly and grid-friendly components and solutions. All the results will be tested and demonstrated on the field and all data gathered will flow into a decision support system platform with enhanced decision-making using artificial intelligence. Additionally, a path of circular economy is envisioned to support progressive steps of plant repowering, increasing their production and lifetime without requiring additional land.

BayWa r.e. is involved in almost all of the 9 work packages in which the project is subdivided and the R&D team is responsible for the tasks defined in work package 4 (WP4) called “Data-driven mitigation measures in advanced PV field inspection”. The objective is to develop novel field detection techniques and imaging to gain immediate insights and the solutions will be developed for different market segments. The Italian colleagues, having a numerous PV portfolio under management, play an important role in the project by coordinating all the field interventions to conduct experiments, pilot projects and/or validation of results in real-life conditions.

Face-to-face meeting in Bolzano, Italy

During a two-days-meeting in the city Bolzano hosted by EURAC research (the coordinator of the project), BayWa r.e. had the opportunity to meet a selected number of project partners for the very first time in person since the start of the project, 18 months ago. This event is of special significance because face-to-face interactions had not been possible due to COVID-19 restrictions and the collaborative research had been conducted so far merely online. The event was organized around preliminary tests on Huawei’s smart inverters, including technical discussions and a guided tour in EURAC’s labs and facilities. Our colleagues of the R&D team directly involved in this project held presentations on topics related to data analytics, circular economy and innovative ideas for revamping and repowering. 

The word to the experts

Guillermo Oviedo Hernandez (R&D Team Leader): “BayWa r.e. strongly believes in this project and in the good and lasting results it will bring. I’m very proud to be part of it and see how it is growing.”

Daniela Ariolli (R&D Specialist): “In these two days we had the opportunity to establish good connections with the members of the project and to see how the theory works in practice, at the same time as learning even more about PV systems and different technologies.”   

Pablo Sebastian Enriquez Paez (Junior Researcher Performance Specialist): “We were very happy to be able to do this meeting in presence, which helped to delve into some technical topics altogether and identify new opportunities for the project and for BayWa r.e.”

For more information about TRUST-PV:

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Daniela Basso
Marketing Coordinator
BayWa r.e. Progetti S.r.l.
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